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Natural Touch Therapy Institute


Janelle Lukan, along with her business partner Brenda Fitzgerald, founded the Natural Touch Therapy Institute in 2014.  This program is designed for those wishing to pursue certification as an Equine Sports Therapist and horse owners wanting to increase their knowledge.  Their weekend style workshops allow you the flexibility to attend at your own pace and convenience.  The goal or the Natural Touch Therapy Institute is to produce informative learning experiences in various modalities to satisfy the minds of the holistic and intuitive healers, as well as those seeking a clinical education.

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Aromatherapy is the practice of using pure essential plant oils to improve the body, mind and emotions.  Learn how to safely use essential oils, various applications and massage techniques for both horse and rider.

Energy Balancing

Muscle testing is simply a form of measuring or checking the energy levels in different areas and systems of the body.  Learn how to use muscle testing to assess and correct energy imbalances in the body. 

Muscles & Organs

This workshop explains how working on a muscle can affect the organ in which it is paired with to improve the health and wellness of the horse.  Explore the structure of the horse, recognize imbalances & learn treatment techniques.

Saddle Fitting

Saddle Fitting is one of the main things that can negatively affect a horse and their performance.  Learn how to assess a saddle, assess the fit of the saddle on your horse, how to improve saddle fit, how pads change fit, and much more!


Explore the energies that reside in each of the seven main chakras.  This workshop is designed to help balance both you and your horse's energetic flow and create a new level of oneness.


Explore the seven main auric layers.  This workhop is designed to help balance both you and your horse's energetic fields and create a new level of oneness.

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