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Elite Three Distributor

Hemp Oil

An array of benefits including but not limited to reduced inflammation, increased gut health, cardiovascular health and improved skin, coat, and hooves condition.

E5 Evolve

High in fiber with protein and small amounts of oil, E5 is an incredibly digestible product with the highest amount of Terpenes with the benefits of anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-anxiety and anti-viral properties.


Treat your horse with a  wholesome and nutritional reward. Elite Three Applause is a completely natural treat with no sugar added, no artificial flavoring, no corn, grain starch or molasses. Contains all the great benefits of Hemp: Myrcene & Linalool for relaxation and anxiety.Inceases mental focus and memory.

Elite Super Cool

Ideal for maintenance and horses in training. It contains the highest calmness factors of all protein blends.

Elite Body Builder

Key for horses with a special need for extra protein, such as growth, pregnancy/lactation, high performance, surgery and injury recovery.

Relief Soothing Cream

This unique blend of potent herbs will become a tack box and medicine cabinet staple. Elite Relief is 100% natural with no chemicals or preservatives. Use it for your horses or yourself - joint and arthritis pain, sprains, bruises and almost any skin issue.

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